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Loyal NFTs
The Loyal NFT is an asset that allows its holders to receive unprecedented rewards within the Meta Ecosystem.
As an Loyal NFT holders, you will continuously earn rewards 30% of the total supply of MEWA
Game Rewards
Winning the airdrop of the game tokens or the right to purchase larger amount of tokens
Governance Staking Rewards
By staking Loyal NFT, you can get 30% of the total MEWA tokens
Community Rewards
Stake Loyal NFT you can get Contribution Points (CP), thereby securing a higher tier in the community
Build Your Vision On Metafe
The leading
Web3 Gaming
All-in-one platform
Enables game developers to reach the Web3 community and benefit from little to no costs for distribution
Best Games
Deploy our game alliance fund to discover, collaborate or acquire IP and game talent
Scalable Tokenomic
Provide developers a platform solution for blockchain services and can help develop rich token economies
Community Forward
Allocate up to 100% of all the platform value generated into the Community Rewards Pool
Metarrior is a first truly Web3 game that integrates traditional gaming and NFT 2.0
technology to provide countless opportunities for gamers to take part in immersive
gameplay, experience true ownership over gaming assets
NFT Deal
A marketplace that allows users to buy, sell, and auction, leasing NFT assets

Easy To Navigate

Easy To Buy / Sell / Auction / Leasing NFT

NFT Minting

Large Variety Of NFT Collectibles

Solving the lock-up issue for game studios and gamers, redefining traditional models for an enhanced experience.
IDO Launchpad
  • Provides everything from A to Z, from token minting to blockchain development and marketing
  • Making various efforts to discover attractive games for our users. We welcome any game studios wanting to kickstart a Web3 journey with Metafe.
MEWA, the native token of Metafe, is a core utility token utilizing the BEP20 standard. MEWA acts as the primary
fungible token for the processing of transactions from users
  • NFT 2.0 protocol research
  • Metarrior NFT Public Sale
  • 1st Game: Metarrior launch
Q1 - Q2/2023
  • NFTDeal marketplace release
  • NFT2.0 protocol testnet
  • Loyal NFT prototype
Q3 - Q4/2023
  • Mewa Token Sale & Exchange Listing
  • Loyal NFT Public Sale
  • Loyal NFT Staking
  • Metafe Dex release
Q1 - Q2/2024
  • Metafe wallet release
  • Metafe lauchpad release
  • New game lauch
  • Governance staking release
  • Governance proposal/voting release
  • Metafe mainnet release
  • New game launch
  • Metafe stable swap release
  • Metafe lauchpad/wallet update
Core Team
Metafe team is a group of 70 veteran developers, operators, marketers, and designers
Neo Nguyen
Info detail
  • Bamisu Studio - CEO
  • Nodo JSC - CTO
  • IT Master Degree - Russia
David Vu
Info detail
  • Bamisu Studio - CTO
  • Mobiplus JSC - CTO
  • FPT - FIS - Co-chief of R&D Department
Tony Mai
Info detail
  • Vitex Capital - Chairman
  • Paditech JSC - CEO
Shigeki Yamamoto
Info detail
  • WEBNICS, Inc. - Founder & CEO
  • Crypto Jjapan, Inc. - Founder & CEO
Our advisors consists of experts and founders of big companies in both gaming and blockchain industry
Takumi Asano
Gaming Advisor
Info detail
  • Game - CEO
  • Top 5 Cosmos Validator
Jiro Yamamoto
Partnership Advisor
Info detail
  • Open Reach Tech - CEO
  • Japan Top Gaming Guild - Advisor
Teddy Nguyen
Executive Advisor
Info detail
  • DareNFT - Founder
  • Sotatek - Founder
David Nguyen
Technical Advisor
Info detail
  • Trustkeys - CEO & Founder
  • Military Technical Academy - PhD Lecturer
Who we are
METAFE is developed by a group of excellent developers from pioneering
companies in the software development and game production industry
Bamisu Studio
A gaming studio with ten years' experience in game developing and publishing. Bamisu is integrates Web 3.0 in their gaming products, and is affirming its ambition as a leading gaming corporate in the near future
A blockchain Infrastructure Startup founded by blockchain experts with experience in developing blockchain systems since 2017, are developing Universal Protocol for NFT2.0
NFT 2.0 Protocol
Social Fi
Paditech .,jsc
More than 150 engineers working conscientiously to provide software development services for the Japanese market. PadITech has partnered with big figures in the blockchain industry. Typically, PadITech has a strong partnership relation with Comos Gaming Hub, the 5th Validator of the Comos platform
Top Blockchain technology companies in Vietnam, are developing a differentiated Web3 SuperApp and ecosystem that helps people to protect money and information, exchange tokens easily and bring them to real life social activities